First Monday in 2016


I don´t do any resolutions for the new year anymore. My ambition likes to turn abnormal, pushing me rather over my limits. It´s good to have goals, but mine like to be way off the scale. 


To me this works better: 

Don´t hold on.

To stop means regression.

Accept, whatever the moment is presenting.

Be openminded, to the unexpected.

Two Worlds - Two Stories



My Writer-Self is about to explore something new. My latest novel is finished and published. Flight-Attendant Greta and Mr. Right (at the moment only in German available) have left my desk and are keen to present their story to you. They´ve been like kids to me - for a few years. 

My desk has an new visitor, a new protagonist has arrived. She is completely different and has nothing in common with Greta. 

Govorit' po-russki ? - Do yo speak Russian?

Po moyemu Analytics otsenki Google mnogiye rossiyane posetit' moyu stranitsu .
YA udivlen i ochen' rad , yesli eto pravda .
Otsyuda moya ideya : Byli li moi rossiyskiye posetiteley, zainteresovannykh v russkoy versii Greta ?
Perevod opredelyayetsya vozmozhnym.

Tak kak ya ne govoryu po-russki , ya proshu vas na nemetskom ili angliyskom yazyke , chtoby otvetit'. 
Pri neobkhodimosti , takzhe pomogayet perevod Google razmeshchat' zdes' moya popytka russkom yazyke.

Raduysya , chtoby uslyshat' ot vas .


Sometimes life is just brilliant in giving you cracking good stories. I got one today!

First of all my writing got stuck ( and I´m not speaking about a week or so, no it´s been over a year, since I´ve been digging into the keyboard to get some of my thoughts and stories stored. But life had other things prepared for me, so I kind of gut stuck and had to be okay to procrastinate.

Hinter der Glasscheibe oder das Theater des Lebens.

Hinter der Glasscheibe oder das Theater des Lebens.


Drei Wochen.

Wie bitte?


Was hast Du gesagt?


Jetzt bin ich schmerzfrei. Dem Himmel und Herrgott sei Dank.

Ich kann das Bett nicht mehr ansehen.  Etwa 5x mal habe ich es in drei Wochen frisch bezogen – erst wegen der Schmerz-Schweiß-Anfälle, dann weil ich die immer gleiche Bettwäsche nicht mehr ansehen konnte.

Ich will mich nicht mehr ausruhen.


Erst Erkältung. Dann Mittelohrentzündung.  Tag 23.

News from Marya in June - Summer starts!

News from Marya in June – Summer starts