About me

Marya Stones ProfilbildMarya Stones

Marya currently lives and works in Munich, Germany. 

Marya Stones was born in Brussels, Belgium. Marya got used to travelling the world pretty early. Growing up in the Belgium, the States, Ex-Yugoslavia and Germany made her feel like a cosmopolite person. Home to her is, where the heart is.

She used to speak four languages fluent. Today it’s German and English left. At home she speaks English to her daughter and German to the rest of the family.  Sometimes languages get kind of mixed up and funny things happen to be said. 

She had a working life in a couple of different professions. Except being a flight attendant in very early years, writing seemed to attend her for most of the time. Working in media business and sales predominated her occupations.

Today she is a fulltme writer.

With “By the way Greta” she started her way into a new profession: being an author.

Entertaining with easy reading, providing a good time, provoking funny situations, distracting you and making you smile – this is what Marya Stones stories are made of. Meanwhile she has published a couple of novels and more are to be seen soon. "Life itself has the best stories to tell, you just have to listenl." , is what inspires her writing.