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Sometimes life is just brilliant in giving you cracking good stories. I got one today!

First of all my writing got stuck ( and I´m not speaking about a week or so, no it´s been over a year, since I´ve been digging into the keyboard to get some of my thoughts and stories stored. But life had other things prepared for me, so I kind of gut stuck and had to be okay to procrastinate.

Writing is so much a part of me, I constantly wanted to start up again. I even thought about getting up in the night for it, but I need my sleep - despite the fact of many sleepless nights. It seems like I´m tunning back into writing now, so I decided to check all of my internet accounts I used to attend and follow during my last active writing period. Most of them I decided to delete and maybe just start them all over, if it seems right. One of them really got me knocked all over. Although I haven´t posted anything for over a year, my blog was the most frequented and most read one of all. WOW - TY so much for spending your time with me. I had absolutely no clue!

Of course I didn´t delete my account on that site. Instead I wrote a post to say TY and tell the community what was going on and how much I appreciate their standing by.

YUP - I really got surprised!

After being quite inspired and very motivated I came back to my site on wordpress to check my site and blog here. You might have noted I just kind of got like a few posts here and got suprised again. There are some few peeps following me here too. How very happy that made me!

YUP- I got suprised again.

Hey y'all you know how to make my day. TY.

I'll be back.

Love, your grateful Marya

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