News from Marya in June - Summer starts!

News from Marya in June – Summer starts


June – speak it out loud – doesn’t it sound like summer?  I can almost taste the flavor of watermelon and white wine on my lips. I can even start smelling summer, anytime I hear June in my mind. If I think about planning vacations to the beach, I can smell the suntan screen and fresh air on the skin. It’s like sitting in the shadow in a biergarten, enjoying BBQ and a nice cold drink. Holidays, time to unwind, let your feet dangle from the landing stage at a lake, outdoor activities, picnics … But just as well Midsummer’s Night.


Each one of us connects and relates to something different considering June and the beginning of summer. I personally love the summer season and welcome it each year a bit more. I seem to soak up the light and warm temperatures. I’m happy to say handling heat is no big deal for me. And looking forward to plan some summer vacations, gives me an extra push to fill the weeks until then with even more summer activities and work to be done.


Unfortunately this June and early summer season is filled with shadow in Germany. Due to insistent rainfall in parts of Germany, we have many people struggling and suffering with flood. My thoughts and prayers are going out to all being affected by too much water.

This way I also want to thank all the helpers, fire workers, engineers and everyone giving a helpful hand – no matter which way.


For many of us, summer will not turn out the way we hoped or even planned it to be. In any case I wish you a bit of summer in your hearts: a smile, a helping hand, a thank-you, a hug.


Greta III is in progress.

After Greta I “By the way Greta”

 and Greta II “Again Greta”

Part III is the sequel of her search for Mr. Right, true love and the sense of life ….

this time Happy End granted.


Love Marya

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