Two Worlds - Two Stories



My Writer-Self is about to explore something new. My latest novel is finished and published. Flight-Attendant Greta and Mr. Right (at the moment only in German available) have left my desk and are keen to present their story to you. They´ve been like kids to me - for a few years. 

My desk has an new visitor, a new protagonist has arrived. She is completely different and has nothing in common with Greta. 

The new one has her own story and I am absolutely curious to find out, because I don’t know, what and how her story is moving on. The Storyboard is only a script by now. 

So Greta and the new one are spooking in my head….

I know writers capable of writing four to six stories at a time…. what a mishmash am I up to?

bon appétit! 

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