4.0 out of 5 stars Good read

"An easy and captivating read. I didn't want to put it away. Nice storyline, that did not have the usual twists and turns. Good scene setting imagery too. There are quite a few Greta's out there."



By Barbados Essence
(new york, new york United States)


»We had the first snow this weekend. Time for warm tea, yoga workouts and books. An old friend of Mandala Fashion & Yoga Wear presented her first book now. Sure we were reading it – and in love with the main characters.«

Mandala Fashion & Yoga Wear



»I was looking for an easy escape into a love story that isn't too complicated but filled with romance, fun, and just enough complication to make it seem believable.  It's a light quick read and Greta is easy to like and relate to and you can't help but want to know more how the love story unfolds.  Enjoy.«





»OMG! Greta, if I were a flight attendant, this could be my story. You meet a guy, who really seems to be cool. In the beginning you want to play it safe. Then you decide to take a few steps further; only to find out he’s kinda dumping you. You feel like a loser. But how come, one can’t let go of these guys – there must be something about them. Well anyway – Greta’s story seems all so true to me  - can’t wait to find out, what’s gonna happen next.«


Olivia Deed



»It reminds me a bit of SATC and has a bit of a Love Story.
Enough, to make me want to know how it’s gonna go on. Please don’t let me wait to long.«


Shannon B.